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Action Management Group LLC
* A total of 70 years of combined Property Management experience.
* A total of 30 years of residential / commercial construction experience.
* A total of 20 years of residential / commercial development experience.
* Broadbased experience with NJDEP environmental compliance.
* Broadbased experience with local planning, zoning & code issues.

ACTION PROPERTY MANAGEMENT understands... the challenges of your board of directors: controlling costs, maintaining property value and reducing the time commitment of your community volunteers . Time commitment challenges are critical for owners of residential or commercial investment properties as well. Reaching a consensus between owners and board members when setting and accomplishing goals is especially crucial in community association property management.

Our Team brings a fresh new prospective to the original methods of residential and commercial property management; experience matters! Our background is crucial in helping you meet your community and or commercial investment goals; we will help you improve your bottom line! Action Property Management provides associations & commercial investors with a full package of services and 24-hour property management! Our staff is comprised of seasoned professionals that boast nearly 100 years of combined experience in the property management field.

Too many property management companies today treat clients as a number and we simply believe there is a huge disconnect in this approach. As our company motto states: "ACTION Speaks Louder Than Words". Simply put, our company addresses all the needs of our property management clients with importance and we provide property management with a "hands on" approach.

Our dedicated team of property managers use state of the art technology to form an awesome proactive working relationship with each one of our property management clients. A strong relationship built on trust and efficient communication with YOUR BOD and principals. The old adage "you get what you pay for" is a statement that holds true in a service based industry such as property management. At ACTION PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, the old adage IS true, but not in the way most people think. Our property management services streamline your challenges to help you reach your community and investment goals in the most pleasant environment possible.

Contact us today to start building a successful relationship. We will show you how we are transforming the Property Management business back to its original roots of personal service, not insincere lip-service.

Be relaxed and free from day to day property management headaches...
Action Property Management
Action Property Management delivers ACTION!

Happy Property Management Customers!

South Jersey Property Management in Marlton NJ:

Never in Thirty years did any management Company show they cared like you did.....

Linda G.

South Jersey Property Management in Maple Shade NJ:

Hi Jeff

Just want to let you know that you have great maintenance guys! My place looks even nicer now!


Maria M.

South Jersey Property Management in Maple Shade NJ:

Good morning Mrs. Saper/Mr. Alper

I am new to the community. The previous owner had advised me that there was a new good management team at our neighborhood now. So I am happy about that. I had heard not so good things about the previous management from other residents there. Mr. Alper was on top of things yesterday as I am sure he will be all the time. I respect that and understand. I believe it is the way it should be. If residents do what we are supposed to according to the rules and regulations, than we will have no issues and we can maintain a beautiful, respectful and quiet environment in our community.

Just want to thank you again for our brief meeting yesterday and also want to thank Mr. Alper again for his guidance. I am all about having a good relationship with Management and of course following rules.

Julie T.

South Jersey Property Management in Marlton NJ:

It has been nearly five months since our election to hire Action Management Group and the transformation has been amazing. This is due to a very great extent the always available Principals of Action Management Group. When our Association's pool needed (on the same day!) emergency electrical and plumbing repairs, AMG had qualified contractors at our property within hours. When we needed new local banks for our Operations and Reserve funds, it was Action Property Management Group who introduced us to the institutions we are now using.

Mrs. Saper and Mr. Alper are thorough professionals in a business that has more than its share of amateurs. Our 142-unit townhome community had been poorly managed by its previous property management company as well as by its former Board of Directors. When our new Board was elected, we needed help, not only for the "ordinary" tasks (record-keeping, vendor / contractor management, etc.), but to guide and assist us in completely reorganizing and rehabilitating our homeowners association after years of (not so) benign neglect. Action Property Management did all of that and then some!


South Jersey Property Management in Marlton NJ:

To summarize she has contracted for approximately $800,000 of work over the last four years. She worked hard to find a local bank that would subsidize a loan to the Association so that the ensuing assessments to the unit owners could be managed over a long period of time and ensure their ability to pay in a down turned economy. We now have completed projects that should last for 20 years and the building is becoming sought after in the community. Ms. Saper is a rare combination of skills, hard work and determination that our Association has benefited from. It is my firm belief that without her we would never have accomplished the amount of work in such a short period of time and with economics in mind. Anyone who retains Ms. Saper's services can be assured of unsurpassed service and results.


South Jersey Property Mangement in Maple Shade NJ

Our community came from an era of an absentee management company who collected a fee each month and didn't manage anything other than to waste our community money. I would highly recommend Action Management Group to any community that is looking for a company that will manage and care for their community as if it were their own.

M.B. / President
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