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Our Executive Team:

ANDREA SUSAN SAPER, Managing Principal

Confirmed track record of management, both residential and commercial in a forty - year work history. Proven ability to manage thousands of units while delegating numerous employees and communicating with multiple boards and principals.

Relevant Experience

* Team Management & Supervision
* Sales Management & Supervision
* Multi-Regional Management
* Residential & Commercial Management
* Residential & Commercial Financial Oversight
* Residential & Commercial Operational Oversight
* Contractor & Maintenance Oversight
* Attorney, Accountant & Engineer Oversight and Collaboration
* BOD, Principal & Homeowners Association Collaboration
* Budget Review, Preparations and Implementation
* Bidding Process Review, Coordination and Implementation
* Collection & Disbursement of Million Dollar Association Funds
* Community Redevelopment
* Community Financing & Procurement

Proven track record of sales, marketing and motivation skills in a thirty-year work history; ability to
oversee multiple companies while delegating several employees and assigning numerous tasks for various multi million dollar commercial and residential projects.

Relevant Experience:

* Multi-Million dollar real estate portfolio acquisition and disposition
* Tax title lien acquisition and foreclosure process
* Real estate acquisition: analysis, tendering offers and procurement
* Legal Documents, Buy and Sell agreements
* FDIC/RTC acquisitions and case work
* Negotiation of secured creditor payments with U.S Bankruptcy Court

* Commercial and residential asset construction, development & rehabilitation
* Due diligence, site feasibility studies and market analysis
* Land development / Approval and improvement process
* Land use attorney, engineer and architect collaborations
* Right of ways / easements
* Property Management
* Environmental cleanup issues and NJDEP NFA process
* Soil and underground water remediation
ANGELA McCRUM, Vice President of Operations

Fifteen years of progressive management experience demonstrating a consistent track record of outstanding sales growth and accomplishments as manager. Equally strong qualifications in all areas of the store management and operations: cold calling, networking, budgeting, human resources, training, security and other functions. Pride myself on modeling and setting the expectation for excellent customer service. Effective communicator, leader, and problem solver who builds teamwork and possesses the drive to surpass goals.

TD Bank - Store Manager Burlington County, NJ (2006-2014) Monitor store operations while leading store in sales and loan goals. Maintain and develop current banking relationships and grow store deposits and loans through warm leads and cold calls.

* Award highest level store sales recognition for 2012. Also Nominated and Received Award Rookie of the Year in 2007 for accomplishments in 2006
* Consistently grew store deposits an average of $7.5 million per year over a seven year period through cold calling and networking.
* Developed and Mentored Staff: 24 staff members were promoted to Assistant Managers and Head Tellers throughout the Burlington and Camden Footprint.
* Managed expenses to corporate goal by down sizing staff 40% over a two year period
* Trained and coached staff members in product, compliance and sales
* TD Bank (Commerce Bank) - Assistant Manager Burlington County, NJ (1999-2006) Maintain operational integrity of the store operations. Support Consumer Deposits and Drive Consumer Loans. Train and Manage a Staff of thirty employees.
* Met Loan and Expense Goals for 2001-2005
* Conducted sales training to develop and coach staff in platform dynamics and cross sells
* Coached team to exceed customer service goals measured by mystery shops
* Consistently exceeded monthly / quarterly audits
* TD Bank (Commerce Bank) Centralized Customer Service (1998-1999)
* Phone representative. Provide information and find solutions for Customers of the Bank.
* Exceptional Customer Service and capacity to create a positive customer experience from an irate customer led to being placed on a fast track management program in less than six months of employment.

* Board Member on Marlton Business Association - current Secretary
* Board Member on Medford Lakes Colony - current Director / VP of Recreation
* Board Member on Shop Burlington County First - current Director
PATRICIA FURROW, Investor Relations Manager

Developed and implemented operational policies and procedures to optimize efficiency and productivity .Process customer transactions efficiently and effectively while maintaining quality .Dedicated to providing the highest levels of service to a diverse clientele. Ambitious self-driven individual with excellent interpersonal communication, relationship management, customer service skills. Motivated real estate professional versed in all aspects of real estate transactions, involving development and execution for representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing and leasing.

* Active New Jersey Real Estate License
* Project Management
* Home inspections
* Property Management

Background encompasses more than 20 years of professional experience with skills and accomplishments in the areas of property and project management, business management, and client relations.

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